The Science Behind the Products

There are many causes behind hair loss, each of which work through a different mechanism.

The "living" component of the hair, or the end of the hair, is called the papilla (located in the follicle). The papilla requires adequate nourishment and oxygen, a healthy and clean scalp, balanced hormones, and good blood circulation in order to divide at a normal rate and become hair strands.

Due to stress, poor hormonal regulation, poor health and nutrition, and other factors, all of the conditions for normal hair growth are compromised. Our treatment products restore adequate blood circulation to the head and properly cleanse blocked follicles, while alleviating the effects of stress and health on your hair at both a local and systemic level.

In addition, many people lose hair when the hormone testosterone is converted at a faster rate than usual into an androgen called DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone. DHT then stimulates the mechanisms that stop hair growth and cause hair to fall out from the follicle. There are many hormones that affect hair growth and loss, but these two compounds are the most responsible for hair regulation, as the scalp contains large concentrations of the enzymes responsible for converting testosterone into DHT.

Many hair loss treatments focus on blocking and deactivating the enzymes that convert testosterone into DHT, or work via related pathways that block DHT from attaching to the hair follicle and causing hair loss.

Some people are genetically more susceptible to the effects of DHT or produce higher levels of DHT. Because men have more testosterone than women, they are generally also more likely to lose hair via this mechanism. However, both men and women are prone to alopecia as caused by the DHT pathway.

We carry treatments that provide many different blends and concentration strengths of DHT enzyme blockers, scalp cleansers, vitamins, amino acids, nutrients, Chinese herbal remedies, and polysaccharides to ensure favorable conditions for hair growth. Our trained staff will be able to aid you in selecting the most appropriate method of treatment from our extensive selection of products.