Hair Rx was created with the mission to provide New Yorkers with comprehensive alternatives for treating hair loss. As alopecia is related to so many factors, including aging, stress, genetics, hormones, and other health issues, there is no one perfect solution. We are Manhattan's first boutique to provide a well-researched array of products at extremely competitive prices. Our selection of topical treatments includes shampoos, conditioners, serums, sprays, styling and camouflaging products. We also offer the first FDA approved medical device that treats hair loss successfully, in addition to its less expensive counterpart that is currently undergoing clinical testing. In addition, we have an excellent selection of both Western and naturopathic oral supplements that address the root of the many health problems that cause premature loss of hair. We carry over 160 alternatives to Rogaine and Minoxidil, most of which are natural, less invasive and have far fewer side effects than these Western pharmaceuticals. Our staff are trained to pinpoint the cause of your hair loss and recommend the products that will most likely slow and reverse alopecia.